Clean Your Purified Water System

We have already dealt on the reasons why you should be drinking water that has been purified and we have given you tips on what different systems you will be able to use. Now it is time to learn how to keep these systems well maintained. Otherwise your water will not be clean and your system is going to break down and deteriorate.

Cleaning Activated Carbon Filters

  • When you have an activated carbon filter you want to clean it with dish soap. This type of filter is the one that is going to attach to the faucets or is the pitcher. It is important to clean this once a month so that mold does not grow.
  • Once you have scrubbed it down, make sure to rinse out the soap thoroughly. You will also need to backwash the filter. This will force the water in the opposite direction of the filter and remove any dirt build up.

Cleaning Distillers

  • The first thing that you will have to do is empty out the boiler chamber once a week. This will prevent scale and residue build up.
  • If build up has occurred remove it using a vinegar solution. It is important that you know NEVER to use sulfuric, hydrochloric, or nitric acids. This will damage the distillers. Pour the solution in and allow it to sit over night.
  • Rinse it out before you use it again and replace the activated carbon filter. Use dish soap and water to remove the deposits and wipe down the unit till it is dry.

Cleaning Ceramic Filters

  • To clean these you need to use a brush to get rid of the bacteria from the top of the cartridge. This will help the water to flow faster. You should do this as many times as needed. Make sure to wear gloves and wash the filter under running water.
  • You should also backwash this to remove any deposits. Only do this is the manufacturer’s directions say it is ok and you will not damage it in this way.
  • Make sure that the filter is replaced at least every 12 months or sooner if it becomes too clogged.