Deionized Water

Of all the different types of purified water, distilled, purified, deionized, spring water, mineral water, etc. etc. Perhaps the most inexpensive of all these is deionized water. This type of purified water contains purified water with mineral ions removed. The mineral ions are also known as salts, and include sodium, iron, calcium, copper, bromide and chloride. Deionized water is purifed by exposing the water electrically charged resins that attract and then attach themselves to the salts, thus removing them from the water.

Deionized water is mostly pure because of the salts that are removed from it, but it can still contain many different bacteria’s and viruses. These remain because they have no electrical charge, and cannot be attracted to electrified resins. Oddly enough, even with the present bacteria and viruses in deionized water, it is still considered to be purified.

In the past few years, it has been claimed to be an antioxidant that will prevent illness and disease and will slow aging. Most physicians will tell you that this is not true, and even go as far as saying the deionized water is “snake oil on tap.” This is because studies show that these health benefits said to come from this type of purified water go against basic chemistry and human physiology.

Even though deionized water is basically useless for the improvement of your health, it has been found to have many other great uses. It is used in microbiology experiments as a medium for growing bacteria, after it has been boiled in an autoclave to kill all trace bacteria’s and viruses. It can also be used in lead acid batteries, which are used in cars and trucks. It also can be used in steam irons, regular tap water, especially well water contains calcium, which can leave mineral deposits on clothing while ironing. Deionized water is the best water to used in these irons, as the have no minerals.

Whether you use deionized water for ironing your dress shirts, or if you choose to use it for health concerns, it is sure to be useful.