Purified Vs. Spring Water

Everyone is trying to become more aware of the types of food they are eating and the water that they are drinking. One thing that we need to be aware of is the tap water and why we should not be consuming it. Obviously this contains amounts of organic and chemical substances that could cause stomach problems and even headaches. That is why you should think about drinking something has been cleaned. The question that we have to ask ourselves is whether to drink the purified or the spring water?

Purified Water

So what is purified water? This can be received from various different sources including a natural spring. The water is collected from the source and than is put through several different types of distillation, deionization, and reverse osmosis methods. Purified water is closest to tap water except that it does not contain any of the impurities. That means that you should be able to tell the difference in the way that they taste.

Spring Water

Natural spring water is a favorite among people who are cautious about trying anything that has been put through several different processes. This is gathered from an underground water source that slowly travels to the surface of the earth. In order for people to be able tot drink it, the water must be collected directly from the source which it comes from. Producers of this type of water will often collect it directly from the source. The distinct taste of it is hard to miss.

Health Benefits

It seems that a lot of people prefer the taste of the spring water. However, research shows that purified water is the safest option to consume. Why? It is hard for the spring water to always meet the standards that have been set up by the FDA and the International Bottled Water Association for water purification.