Purified Water Kits

It is important that we all consume the purified water when compared to the tap water. We all understand this and so we strive to bring it about. But how are we supposed to do this when we are on the trail hiking or even camping. There is only so much water that we will be able to take with us. That is when you need to buy the purified water kits.

Hand Pump Kit

The most common to get is the hand pump kit that costs around $100. This will help you to get the best tasting and the cleanest water in your hotel room or when you are out camping. All you have to do is pump it through and it will remove the impurities out of the water you want to drink.

Pen Kit

When you are camping it is important that you learn how to pack light so you are able to cover more distance. That is why we recommend the SteriPen. This is a small tool that will use the UV rays to sterilize the water. It costs around $100.

Water Bottle Filter

What easier thing could you bring along than a water bottle that has its own filter built into it? This costs around $40 and is perfect for when you are out camping and you need some refreshment from the nearest lake or stream.

Backpack Filter

The last option that you should consider is the hydration backpack. This has a built in ‘bladder’ system that allows the hiker to drink the water without ever having to stop. It fits onto their backs and has a ‘straw’ that runs around and sits next to their mouth. It has a built into filtration system to keep the water fresh. This costs between $50 to $100 depending on the size.