Why Drink Purified Water

Water makes up 70% of our bodies. It is what carries oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream and acts as a shield for the tissues and vital organs. It also helps to cushion the joints and remove toxins from the body. With no water or not enough of it we are allowing waste and toxins to build up inside of us and take over.

People who are even a little bit dehydrated will suffer from energy loss, headaches, and intense outbreaks of health conditions. When the body has lost between 8-10% of water people will experience dizzy spells, increased fatigue and weakness, muscle spasms, and delirium. After an 11% loss the body will begin to shut down. The kidneys will not be able to function and the blood circulation will cease.

Making sure that we have enough water in our system is essential to keeping our bodies healthy. Drinking the right type of water is also important. Learn about the different advantages of drinking purified water.

Fewer Toxins

According to federal regulations, the municipal water systems are allowed to carry small amounts of physical toxins like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Other inorganic chemicals like asbestos and pesticides can be found in water taps without it being declared unsafe to consume. When you purify the water you are removing all of these from your water and protection your body.

Mineral Build Up

Research shows that purified water will help your body to remove mineral deposits that build up within the cells and joints. This will help to reduce gallstones and arthritis. This type of water will also help to relieve any stress from your kidneys and liver and allow your body to process more nutrients.

Better Taste

Try a glass of tap water and than a glass of purified water. You will notice a big difference in the taste. The tap water is gritty because of the soil and sand particles that it picks up. Purified water is cleaner and will help your soup, pasta, and other cooked foods to taste better.